Frequently Asked Questions

Curious minds, we've got you covered! Explore our comprehensive collection of frequently asked questions to find swift answers to your inquiries.

Do you have a family ticket?

Each visitor has a cost for the park so we have to exactly calculate the price for each ticket. A family can be from 2 person up to 10 person or even sometimes more. So unfortunately we don't have a family ticket because it is very hard for us to calculate the cost.

Where is the exact location of the park and when will it open?

When we started designing Legendland on land in Zaprešić our inquiries showed it was governmental land with recreational purposes which was available for leasing or purchasing through the public tenders like many other state land. After finishing the master planning of the project we received information that the land is for agricultural purposes. We discussed this issue in a meeting in September-2023 and we got confirmation the land is for recreational purposes. After launching the campaign this topic became in the public interest and raised many questions and doubts, even some called Legendland a fraud or scam and questioned the realisation of this project. We reevaluated  the situation and came to the conclusion that our understanding of the usage of the land was a big misunderstanding. I took responsibility and I apologize for this inconvenience for Legendland fans. Now I have to announce we are moving the project out of Zaprešić and we are looking for a similar site near Zagreb. Those Legendland subscribers who purchased our memberships will get a refund within a week.

How is the project funded and where does the money come from?

The initial investment comes from Mr. Hesam Qaydi, the founder of Happy Summer Sky d.o.o. The rest is coming from Croatian families and individuals who are interested in buying Lifetime memberships. According to our market research: Link more than 32% of the market is willing to purchase lifetime memberships. We estimate a maximum sale of 1,543,933 memberships. This has potential to generate €945,472,322 funds for the project. We respect EU regulations on money transfer restrictions from Iran.

What if the project never build? What is guarantee for the advance payment?

If the project is canceled the full amount will return to the customers. If the project gets delayed we will compensate by giving discounts on shops and restaurants. By Croatian law we are obligated to return back the amount if the project is canceled.

Can I invest in Legendland?

Yes of course, you can invest from €1000 up to €100M, there is no limitation on investment. Please contact us for more details regarding the investment.

Can I rent space for shops and restaurants?

Yes of course, please send us your company information with the required amount of space. We will contact you when we go further with the project development.