This is a mysterious, labyrinthine zone inspired by Croatia’s Habsburg-era cityscapes of the 17th and 18th Centuries. Working with a strong gothic aesthetic, this area will immerse guests in sinewy slums beneath gothic bell towers and grinning gargoyles where witches and vampires may lurk around every corner.

Our attractions

Explore our wide range of attractions within the Gothica zone.

In-House horror exhibition

The Black Queen Curse

  • 1.20m minimum height
  • High thrill
  • Thrill Seeker

The Screamin’ Swing by S-S

Time Keeper

  • 1.25m minimum height
  • High thrill
  • Thrill Seeker

Freefall drop tower by S-S

The Vampire’s tomb

  • 1.40m minimum height
  • Medium thrill
  • Thrill Seeker

Flat ride by HUSS

Queen Barbara’s Fury

  • 1.20m minimum height
  • Medium thrill
  • Family ride

Zone restaurant

Explore our dining options within the Gothica zone.


The people’s Cauldron

The people’s Cauldron is a huge pub cuisine styled sit in restaurant with popular bar food as a menu. With something for everyone on the menu, The People’s Cauldron takes guests back in time, to when the villagers had to band together to rid their town of monsters, with many plans, schemes and meetings taking place over the wooden tables, under the candle light. Grab your meal, and join in the scheming if you dare!

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