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Legendland will be the first Slavic theme park in the southern Europe, a perfect destination to spend a great holiday with your family, partner or friends. Legendland is founded by Mr. Hesam Qaydi, an entrepreneur from the Middle East who moved to Croatia in 2014. 

You will enjoy the best entertainment that southern Europe has to offer; and all in a setting with perfect weather where you will have a fantastic time at Europe’s leading themes parks and water park while enjoying the sun, beach and the exquisite Mediterranean cuisine.

Legendland initial site was located in Zaprešić, a town 30 km from Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. At Legendland you can enjoy a theme park, a water park, and fabulous hotels.  Legendland is made up of six theme areas, all of them inspired by Croatian mythology and history.

Amusement park zones

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Inspired by the plethora of early-hominid archaeological sites across Croatia, especially the Krapina Neanderthal site near Zagreb, this zone will immerse guests in a prehistoric world swarming with fantastical beasts and heroic Neanderthals fighting to keep them at bay. You can enjoy a great range of cuisine, rides to suit everyone, themed shops, and shows throughout the season.

The Mammoth Hut Inn restaurant

A huge thatched hall made of mammoth bone and wood with an intimate interior, this cosy restaurant is host to the most primal of meals. Cured meats, hearty soups, broths and salads are all served here with freshly made bread and local beers, giving guests a taste of a simpler life that our ancestors may have influenced and dreamt of.


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This zone draws on Croatia’s multi-faceted connections to the classical period with architecture from Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, and Byzantine Era. This richly themed zone will surround guests with Roman marketplaces, monumental Greek temples, and Byzantine domes and tell stories of these ancient civilisations’ battles with dragons and giants.

Consumer Forum

A partially shaded quad with picnic tables in the middle, and stalls on 3 sides, allows guests a broad choice of snacks, ranging from antique to slightly more modern delicacies to dine on. Stalls include locally made burgers, pizza, freshly made salad and fried fish, along with sweet treats and delicacies like fruit salads, ice cream stands and greek cookies.

The First Kingdom

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This area will evoke the medieval era, the aesthetic that is most recognisably associated with the fantasy genre. This connection will be leveraged to construct familiar fantasy landscapes and characters – knights in shining armor, sword battles, and terrifying monsters – but with a distinctly Croatian twist.

Spitroast Square

A hushed corner of the land, where guests enter under an archway just off the main stoned street into a green canopy complex, where at the end, an impressive barbecue set up can be seen. A huge range of barbecued foods can be chosen from and their aroma wafts through this zone, with smells of roasted pepper, sausage, and well-seasoned chicken catching guests’ attention as they walk by. With a pay-per-item approach to the food here, guests can choose to eat as much as they please.

Luka Renaissance

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The arrival of the Venetians along the Dalmatian Coast heralded a new era for this stretch of the Croatian coastline, bringing new architectural ideas, Renaissance thinking, technology, and culture. This zone will be themed to evoke this prosperous history with a Slavic fantasy twist – expect rides and storytelling built around rusalki or vodyanoy.

Il Migliore

With a coastal theme throughout this zone, the main restaurant, Il Migliore is the highest quality found within the park, with a beautiful and quaint indoor area that overlooks onto some of the lush blue canals as the boats slowly cruise past. With a focus on seafood, the restaurant prepares an a la carte menu each day based on the fish the head chef chooses from the local stockers in the morning, whilst also supplying a small list of alternatives.


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This is a mysterious, labyrinthine zone inspired by Croatia’s Habsburg-era cityscapes of the 17th and 18th centuries. Working with a strong gothic aesthetic, this area will immerse guests in sinewy slums beneath gothic bell towers and grinning gargoyles where witches and vampires may lurk around every corner.

The people’s Cauldron

A huge pub cuisine-styled sit-in restaurant with popular bar food as a menu. With something for everyone on the menu, The People’s Cauldron takes guests back in time, to when the villagers had to band together to rid their town of monsters, with many plans, schemes, and meetings taking place over the wooden tables, under the candle light. Grab your meal, and join in the scheming if you dare!

The Tesla Institute for Time Travel & Monsters

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This 20th Century zone sits towards the entrance at the center of the Legendland. From here portals have been opened up to the five realms of the past. This fantastical phenomenon has been achieved by none other than Nikola Tesla himself. Expect strange technological innovations, plagued by an unusual line-up of monsters and fantasy tropes.

Institute Diner

Of course, Tesla has found a way to make food interesting. Use a small conductor to cook your own steak. Watch what happens when you move your juice glass away from dry ice. Oh, and, how about some deep-fried monster with those fries? With obscure out-of-this-world food and reliable classics served up in a new and interesting way, the Institute Diner will surely capture your imagination, and fulfill your appetite!

Isles of Adriata Water Park

Water-themed adventure in Legendland

Preliminary mood depiction. May change before the park's official opening.

Alongside the Legendland theme park, to complete a resort offering we have been considering a water park, where you can cool off and glide down the many slides and pools in a world where water is the main attraction.

The Water Park continues on the Tesla theme, with the famous Venetian explorer, Marko Polo who has roots from modern-day Croatia, navigating many of the legendary islands of the Croats.

Guests can take adventurous rides on several attractions with narratives intertwined with 1000-year-old myths and folklore. Isles of Adriata is the resort’s most refreshing park.

With 50,000 m2 of attractions, shops, restaurants, relaxation areas, and lush greenery, you and your family will almost believe you really are on the Adriatic Coast.

Our six 4- and 5-star hotels will make your experience at Legendland a complete immersion into a world of fun. These theme hotels offer exclusive benefits so that you can enjoy a unique holiday at the resort.

And thanks to Legendland’s exceptional location near Zagreb, your holiday is completed by surrounding shopping areas, sports facilities, outdoor activities, and restaurants where you can discover the delicious Mediterranean cuisine.

How to get to Legendland?

By car

This is an example of ideal location for the project: Vinogorje Zaprešić – ukrasna bačva, Industrijska ul., 10290, Zaprešić, into your GPS. Ample on-site parking is available for your convenience.

By bus

We assumed Zaprešić as an ideal place for the project. You can take your local bus (ZET) from Črnomerec to Zaprešić, number 172, our address is Vinogorje Zaprešić – ukrasna bačva, Industrijska ul., 10290, Zaprešić.

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