This zone draws on Croatia’s multi-faceted connections to the classical period with architecture from Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, and Byzantine Era. This richly themed zone will surround guests with Roman marketplaces, monumental Greek temples, and Byzantine domes and tell stories of these ancient civilisations’ battles with dragons and giants.

Our attractions

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4th Dimension Coaster by S-S

Pula Spark

  • 1.40m minimum height
  • High thrill
  • Thrill Seeker

Dueling launched roller coasters manufactured by RMC

Circus Maximus

  • 1.40m minimum height
  • High thrill
  • Thrill Seeker

In house show

Programme De Colosseo

  • 0.0m minimum height
  • Low thrill
  • Family ride

Zone restaurant

Explore our dining options within the Antiquitica zone


Consumer Forum

Partially shaded quad with picnic tables in the middle, and stalls on 3 sides, allows guests a broad choice of snacks, ranging from antique to slightly more modern delicacies to dine on. Stalls include locally made burgers, pizza, freshly made salad and fried fish, along with sweet treats and delicacies like fruit salads, ice cream stands and greek cookies.

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