Explore our wide range of dining options within the park. Each restaurant offers themed menus that reflect the zone the where restaurant is.


The Mammoth Hut Inn

The Mammoth Hut Inn is a huge thatched hall made of mammoth bone and wood with an intimate interior. This cosy restaurant hosts the most primal of feasts.


Consumere Forum

is a partially shaded quad with picnic tables in the middle, and stalls on three sides, allowing guests a broad choice of snacks, ranging from antique to slightly more modern delicacies to dine on.


Spitroast Square

Spitroast Square is a hushed corner of this medieval land where guests enter under an archway just off the main stoned street into a green canopy complex with an impressive barbecue set up at its centre.


Il Migliore

With a coastal theme throughout this zone, the main restaurant, Il Migliore is the highest quality found within the park. Expect a beautiful and quaint indoor area which overlooks some of the tranquil blue canals with boats cruising past.


The People’s Cauldron

The People’s Cauldron is a huge pub style eatery featuring a range of popular bar foods on the menu. With something for everyone on the, this immersive dining experience takes guests back in time, to when the villagers had to band together to rid their town of monsters.


The Institute Diner

Of course, Tesla has found a way to make food interesting. In The Institute Diner, you can use a small conductor to cook your own steak.

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