Inspired by the plethora of early-hominid archaeological sites across Croatia, this zone will immerse guests in a prehistoric world swarming with fantastical beasts and heroic Neanderthals fighting to keep them at bay.


Our attractions

Explore our wide range of attractions within the Neanderthalica zone.

Dark Ride by Itamin

Cave Painting Dark Ride

  • 1.20m minimum height
  • Low trill
  • Family ride

Adventure course Made in-house

Prehistoric Exploration: Caving adventure

  • Between 0.90m and 1.20m
  • Low trill
  • Family ride

Water Ride by Itamin


  • 1.20m minimum height
  • Medium trill
  • Family ride

Exhibit Made in-house

Educational Cave Walk Exhibit

  • No height requirements
  • Low trill
  • Family exhibit

Zone restaurant

Explore our dining options within the Neanderthalica zone.


The Mammoth Hut Inn

The Mammoth Hut Inn is a huge thatched hall made of mammoth bone and wood with an intimate interior. This cosy restaurant hosts the most primal of feasts.

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