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General Terms and Conditions is updated. 8-12-2023.


Dear All,

In recent days, as you have read in some media, the land on which Legendland was designed is announced as an agricultural land. When we started designing Legendland our inquiries showed it was governmental land with recreational purposes which was available for leasing or purchasing through the public tenders like many other state land. After finishing the master planning of the project we received information that the land is for agricultural purposes. We discussed this issue in a meeting in September-2023 and we got confirmation the land is for recreational purposes. After launching the campaign this topic became in the public interest and raised many questions and doubts, even some called Legendland a fraud or scam and questioned the realization of this project. We reevaluated the situation and came to the conclusion that our understanding of the usage of the land was a big misunderstanding. I took responsibility and I apologize for this inconvenience for Legendland fans. Now I have to announce we are moving the project out of Zapresic and we are looking for a similar site near Zagreb. Those Legendland subscribers who purchased our memberships will get a refund within a week. Legendland is not a story without coverage and that story will continue. Until now, I have invested too much of my own funds and energy in this project. I will chase this goal in any possible ways to realize this project as I have done it since 2018. I hope in the near future we see the required changes in the urbanistic plan of Zagreb county which allow realization of these kinds of projects. Our marketing campaign within the first initial days sold around €80K memberships which I believe is a world record. Our website received more than 1.09M requests in less than a week. Our Instagram and Facebook also received a lot of views, likes and followers. All these numbers show our market evaluation was correct and we precisely measured the market demand. We will publish this market research in the next coming days. Legendland is highly demanded by more than 38% of Croatian families and individuals who are willing to purchase memberships 4 years in advance and our marketing campaign proved this study and the possibility of realization of such a project in Croatia. I also believe this unconventional approach toward this project was the best response to the complex and challenging market environment. If you still have not subscribed to Legendland please subscribe to our website. We will not issue any invoices till further notice but increasing the number of our subscribers will let us enter the market again stronger. The Legendland project has not been canceled and any individuals, companies, and celebrities who want to participate in this journey are free to do so. I invite more people to get on board. If the initially planned location for the construction of Legendland is not available, be sure that this does not represent the end of the project and that Legendland will be realized in another location, about which we will inform you in due time, and we hope that after its realization you will come to visit us and enjoy it in everything that will be offered to you. Thank you for all of your support.

With respect, Hesam Qaydi